Slide & Swing doors

Ergonomic, versatile slide & swing doors

Slide & swing doors from Alpine Glass represents the latest advancement in patio door technology, acting as a uniquely versatile system that offers the ultimate levels of both style and functionality. With slide & swing doors, each of the system’s panels operate independently of each other, offering homeowners complete control of their desired opening. Because each of the leaves are not joined in anyway, no connecting door hardware is visual on the outside, resulting in a truly sleek aesthetic.

Able to incorporate however many panels you require, the slide & swing system works by fitting a traditional French door (known as the master door) to whichever side of the aperture you’d like, with the others sliding across a bespoke magnaglide track, before swinging out alongside each other for minimal intrusion. It’s impossible to lift any panel to try and disengage it from the track, resulting in a system that is wholly safe and secure.

The method of operation when utilising the system is designed so that no panels ever have to encroach either your living space on the inside or patio space on the outside, until they reach their resting position off to the side. Unlike contemporary bifolding doors which need to open in or out in order to be operated, our slide & swing door system will never intrude.

The next generation of patio door that maximises living space

With a slide & swing door system from Alpine you never have to compensate on living space. Because the system’s leaves do not open outward or inward when gliding, you can situate your room’s furniture right up against them to capitalise on all the space your room has to offer.

Unlike other contemporary door systems that requires homeowners to either have them fully closed or fully open, Alpine’s slide & swing doors can be configured however you wish. Just slide the desired amount of panels to one side, and space out the rest to reach the desired amount of ventilation and/or comfort.

Why choose a slide and swing door from Alpine?

  • Simple to operate – slide one panel at a time
  • Hardly any additional visible door hardware, makes for clean visuals
  • Magnaline slide and stack technology for smooth track gliding
  • Excellent thermal and weatherproof performance
  • Shoot bolt locking for enhanced security
  • Panel configuration is completely customisable; leaves can be in any position for optimal ventilation
  • Never intrudes on in or outside living space during operation

Colour Options


Anthracite Grey

100+ RAL colours