Beautiful living spaces for use all year round

Orangeries are beautiful extensions for your home which are halfway between a conservatory and a fully constructed, bricked extension. Orangeries make both fantastic general living and hosting rooms, as they are add a large versatile living space to your home which is perfect for use all year round. Rather than a fully glazed roof and body, orangeries from Alpine Glass are only partially glazed, and are constructed with solid pillars to create a room which is cosier than a standard conservatory during the winter, whilst still allowing in daylight during the summer.

Efficiently designed orangeries

When compared with conventional conservatories, an orangery is a more efficient alternative. As well as offering aesthetics which blend with your home’s existing appearance, our orangeries are also able to match your home in terms of thermal retention and soundproofing. Alpine’s orangeries feature thick supporting pillars and a more substantial ceiling perimeter, which helps to greatly improve levels of heat retention. When combined with energy efficient glazing options, our orangeries can help you save money on your heating bills.

At Alpine Glass, we can help you design an orangery according to your specifications and your home’s appearance. We use bespoke design software to mock up your new orangery design, so you can see how it looks on your property.

Built by our specialist team of installers, orangeries from Alpine Glass not only offer superb aesthetics and comparative energy efficiency, but provide you with a living space which adds value to your home and can be enjoyed all year round.

Let the light in with a Skyroom

With its minimalist design and glass lantern roof, the Skyroom is a modern version of a traditional brick or mock orangery. The Skyroom features a glazed roof made using ultra slim aluminium frame, engineered to support large glass units for a beautifully light and airy living space. If you’re considering an orangery or glass roof extension – ask us about our Skyrooms.

Why choose orangeries from Alpine?

  • Aesthetics to match your home’s existing appearance
  • Offer a large, versatile living space which can be used for a wide variety of applications
  • They are suitable all year round, allowing in daylight during the summer and staying warm during the winter
  • More thermally efficient and substantial than a traditional conservatory
  • Bespoke orangery design service for your home
  • Built by our specialist team of installers who can cater for your exact requirements

Colour Options


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